Saturday, October 17, 2009

Online Banking..

Again and again we meet here, this time I want to express something that really in our technology even though it is for a long time existed but some of us did not aware of it and their function to the new era and new technologies.

Have you ever heard about online banking system? I am sure that many of us already exposed by that because it is really make the things become easier and effectively. Apart from me, I have been sign to online banking with CIMB clicks last year. At first, I also did not want to use it because I thin as a student I really did not use to use it and the best part is, I’m still a student. But at one night, while I become a netizen at the cafĂ©, my friends ask me to use my laptop for a while and I said sure, you can use it and from there, I used to know about this online banking.

There is many part of advantages for using the online banking application. First of all

· Safe time and quick

· The transaction become easier

· Fast and safe

Maybe some of us still enquiry about the security while make the transaction through online but they already set it with the high security when if you let your account exposed without any action around 5 minutes, it will automatically log out from your account and it will avoid the others from use your account transaction.

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