Saturday, October 17, 2009

ICT in Teaching

ICT nowadays really gives the great impacts in term of teaching and learning mode. If we noticed from decade ago, the system in the teaching mode really different from nowadays. If before the teachers use the chop to wrote something on the black board but nowadays certain of the teachers already use the laptop and lcd in the class room in order to make their teaching more interesting and the student become more attracting to learn. It is very difficult to make sure the students to keep on the track.

These is the advantages of the ICT used in teaching mode

Increased enthusiasm for the use of ICT.

Increased efficiency in planning and preparation of work.

Increased co-operation and planning with ICT.

Schools that made good use of ICT within a subject tended to have better achievement in that subject than other schools.

By using this technologies also, students can also adapt with the new technologies that really contains the new improvement, new adaptation, and new things to the entire of the world.

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