Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Things You Never Said to Me


Too much mess around and yes that make the world goes around,
But deeply, somehow it mess me a little longer till I'm forget how to get it out,

Does you guys ever heard "Truth always been the best policy?"
Yes it was till I make it as denial when too much barriers comes.

Yet,what should I do instead?
Keep in my heart and shooting for the stars?
OR just talking to the moon like what Bruno Mars said.

Half of the Malaysian or more keep on eye about the Lahad Datu issues now I believed,
But these mess make me and believe its just nothing when all they need just support and our pray and does it seems how selfish am I?

Truth had been spoke, none of the white turn into black now
For me its too much till it make us apart.

God/Lord/Allah not a sillly or even tedious to give to their humans this kind of feelings and mixs hearts.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Foolish Myth

too many ways we faced,
too many wind we flash,
too many soul we missed,
and too many bodies we lingered.

its  miserable,
its misery,
its full of mystery,
hopefully it just a myth.

too many pictures we captured,
but too many memories we trash,
too many foolish we dispute,
in too many ways.

till then,

Monday, November 12, 2012


berkecamok lara,
hingga tidak tertentu hati dan akal,
mencari jawapan yang tiada akhirnya,
hingga terbenam duka luka

menangis hati ini tanpa diketahui,
tanpa dipeduli,
tanpa disedari,
hingga terasing di dunia sendiri

hingga membenakkan kepala di dalam onak yang tiada duri
namun mengalirkan darah yang tiada erti...

"aku ini binatang jalang, dari kumpulannya aku terbuang"

Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm Kinda Losing Everything

Dear Mr Bloggie,

How do you feel when everything seems so individualistic?
when peeps tend not bothering about socializing their life instead of having something in networking?
and just tend to have an intention toward their love?
and peeps like me, where the hell am heading to?

Friends,buddies, lovers, sayangs, let me share your loves for me for a while,
I promise nothing much I can bother them,
Just a little bit of your intention, 
While am still breathing,

The only one, thanks for being with me,  (Picture : Mohd Fathy Rosely)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rasa Ini

In our life nowadays, byk benda yang nak diceritakan,
banyak benda yang nak dikongsi,
tapi penuh berhati2.

Ada yang lidah bercabang seperti Cabang Tiga tempat aku,
Ada yang muka penyet bak talam yang x laku,
Ada yg suke cucuk2 belakang,
thanks to those peeps cause make me realised what is world act.

Sedih, kecewa, patah hati, tersentap?
semua tu ibarat da sebati dan menunggu giliran berganti2 untuk tak turn,
kalau boleh di lihat dan diukur,
lagi teruk drik peparu isap rokok agaknya.

Inilah hidop,
Inilah caranya,
dan begitulah rentaknya..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Miss You

When I open my eyes, I just thinking one thing that still lingering in my minds, even in every breath that I take nowadays,
I was wondering where the hell of the real you after this while?
Where have you been my bestie?
What happened to you?
The one who really pampered with me,
The one who can share anything with me,
The one who spending almost every single thing with me?

Or you just happy with a brand new life?
Without put any interfere on that surroundings..

beb, bestie, I miss the-old you, please come back to me, I'm beg

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life (New Part)

Frankly, sangat awkward bila buka my blog for ages I didn't update anything, inform anything, but literally, I really miss you my Mr.Bloggie

hence, as the time flies, many things just happened in my love, laugh,tears,happiness, and etc that I as a myself can't fully explain what just happened to me, indeed!.

Somehow, I think, I know my Mr Bloggie was the right place to show up everything, but not almost every single inch of my kain part, miahahhah

Dear my new life, I just realise that this new life has give me 1001 impact of the friendship, of the happiness, of the tears, of everything that I can't explain. Like been said from me since years ago, "Life is Drama" and yet, it totally happened.

p/s : miss my niece n nephew so damm much, and of course my family as well,

~Aina and Afiq~

~Amni Qhaleesya~