Saturday, October 17, 2009

Traditional Vs Modern

From Him we came, and to Him we will go, as for tazkirah today.

Assalamualaikum to all, may Allah bless you I your life and may Allah also will help us when we face the problems. Back to our business today, apart from “anak kampong” I have face many development at my village. I can said it just like from zero to hero.

During my childhood, I still remembered my father really work hard to make something, for example if the paddy season had come, my father will plough the irrigated ricefield to saw a baby paddy. Lots of energy and time have been sacrifice using the buffalo to plough the irrigated ricefiled and sometimes it take a whole day to finish one lot of paddy filed.

But nowadays, all of it have changed to the new technologies when all the man power had been replace by machine and no more buffalo’s are suffer to this activities any longer. Hu3…but apart from that also, it encouraged me to study more higher because I want my parents to feel luxurious at least for a moment.

**from this to....

this new impress

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