Saturday, October 17, 2009

Browse your Web Browser

New day, new things that I have meet when before this, I never think about this matter before. Do you ever think about web browser before? What is web browser? What exactly the web browser works on and why it’s have created.

Web browser is a software that used to view or browse the web initially we the netizen is online. The first web browser that I had known is the Internet explorer when it is the first web browser that you can see in every single laptop or pc that you bought and automatically they will install it for you. But somehow it is, internet explorer contain the weakness protection when the viruses will easily will came to your pc after you have been connect to the network.

Meanwhile for the second top popular web browser is the Mozilla Firefox. Although it is quite late to exist after internet explorer, but the rate of the people who use it numerous and some opinion said this web browser is friendly and easy to use.

Let define the information below :

Both IE and Firefox have many features in common.

Firefox, however, has Google address bar ready-made at its tool bar.

Firefox manages the password and cookies by allowing the users to view them.

This feature is important for web developers.

For me, Mozilla Firefox is my best web browser and I will stay with it….hu3

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