Saturday, October 17, 2009

Your Search Engine

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Well, parts of new technology, everything is updated day by day by the specialist in the information technology. On Miss Fara’s class, we had been exposed to the search engine when it contains lots of name and also the function. If you search on the internet, the variety of the search engine will come or in another word, web browser.

Let make the differentiate between two search engine among them. For the first comparison of the search engine that I have been choose is Altavista and Lycos. For the first comparison we will look into interface between both of it. For the Altavista, the use of it friendlier rather than Lycos because at Altavista interface, there is easier compare to another one because at Altavista there have many links that connect to the others such as directories, shopping, travel and many so on. Meanwhile, for the Lycos the interface that contain in the search engine is not friendly as Altavista due to the difficulties that contain in the Lycos search engine. It just depends and not provides any advantages for the netizen especially. On the other words, Lycos’s servis is very low compare to the Altavista and for me, I would prefer to chose Altavista. AltaVista provides a free translation service, branded Babel Fish, which automatically translates text between several languages.

Both of the search engines is very useful and very vital for Netizen when they want to find the files that they want but somehow they have the pros and cons with the search engine and it depends on us how to define it wisely and how to choose the best of the search engine. From my opinion and experience using the search engine, I would prefer to choose the Altavista because it quick, fast and contains all the rights information that I want and it never spoil me. For your information also, Lycos began to refocus its strategy in 2005, moving away from a search-centric portal torwards a community destination for broadband entertainment content. With a new management team in place, Lycos also began divesting properties that were not core to its new strategy

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