Sunday, August 21, 2011

please help me~

bila ak mula2 mereng kt somebody ni dulu, ak ade post something kt blog,
then tetibe mcm mane ntah my ex-mentor ak tyme Diploma dulu manage to search this entry and create me this kinda of poem,
and i know he loved the poem so damm much.

I was there and watch the flow
i knew its time for me to pack and go
walk and head for the best to glow,
and i hope so, well u are not alone
you and i we can talk on the phone
share it all from the top to the cone
you can do it buddy, u wont be prone
coz you got it all like a king on his throne!

but persoalanya sekarang, could somebody explain to me what is all about and what the literally was?


A'an Pauzee said...

din, first of all, ak nk ckp im no pro at translating poems lol but i just wanna help. tinie redirected din nyer blog link and mintak ak translate kan huhu.. well, here goes:

looking at the first 4 lines, to put it simply, this person is trying to make a change in his/her life. 'flow' could indicate the said 'life' and he/she is trying to pack and 'go'; meaning towards the direction he/she saw 'the flow' goes. considering the 4th line; 'the best to glow' we could say that 'the flow' goes towards the direction of success/happiness/completeness; befitting to the image of 'glow'.

then in the 5th line, see after the sentence 'and i hope so', there's a comma and followed by 'well you are not alone' which actually is a bit confusing. considering the logical explanation, there seems to be another individual and considering this line, there are 2 possibilities of how the conversation goes. 1st possibility: it's of the same person and he/she is talking to someone else. 2nd possibility: there's another person conversing with the one who's trying to make a change in his life. for me, tho, the most logical explanation is that there is ANOTHER person whose relationship with the person who's trying to change could be considered as a good friend.

so following this, the other individual, of what we've come to establish; a good friend, is saying that he/she wants to cheer his/her friend by saying that he/she will be there for the friend every step along the way. see the lines 6 til 9; they're full with inspirational words and gestures. 'talk on the phone' which means literally that; they'll 'share it from the top to the cone' as in, they'll share everything. no secrets, no hiding and the ups and downs of the journey towards 'the glow' of the other friend. then there's the sentence 'you can do it buddy'; another encouraging words and also the evidence in saying that these 2 people are good friends. 'you wont be prone, coz you've got it all like a king on his throne' is a sentence indicating that the friend knows quite a lot about the one who wants to change seeing as he/she knows that his/her friend will not falter in his/her journey [antonym of 'prone'] and that he/she will achieve since 'you've got it all like a king on his throne'. this is quite a powerful simile, since a king is always in control of his surrounding [you know, being a king and all] so this person knows that his/her friend is a strong person and he/she could overcome whatever obstacles that come in his/her way.

aaaaaand that's it lol. sorry is this comes out as quite a mouthful. it's just, this is how i did my lit assignment. huhu.. ^^;;

Anak Kampung said...

pehh...ternganga bace....

sob3...btw a'aan...thanks soo muchhh...

GoD bless u!, amin

tiniemeenie said...

sy tergangga


H. said...

Sorry. Tapaham bahasa Inggeris.

Anak Kampung said...

atty-sia2 dpt muet band 4!

liyana mohamad said...

terlalu mendalam maksudnya jgk..
faham but just for my self, can't expression in words..huhuhu
tp mmg ternganga baca A'an Pauzee punyer explaination..fuhhhhhh...