Tuesday, September 29, 2009


a past few days after raya, i felt something on my teeth and i decide to see dentist today..
badly i'm at college and somehow i need to go with college transportation.
At 8 am i already at admin to wait the transport with the others two my fwens who also got the flu...
we wait n then the van show up n luckily he turn off the van and get into office while talk to me basically what time should it is???
i put the patient in my self and make it profesional and we wait until 8.45 am and then we move to the hospital and again he drive like crazy people...ohhh,

i wondering why he cannot communicate with us like normal and with polite like we talked to him??
is it a fool to talk polite with us?
i know we only da students here but is it we cant aint to get some respect like we spend for them??
bukan nk mengata tapi kalo korang perasan, orang yang tak berpelajaran tinggi memang BODOH +SOMBONG...
it is, the survey have approved it..

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