Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is Me

Sometimes aku takde lansung tempat nak mengadu and due to this blog, I feel release…

Yup…through this blog it will forget me about something that I really hate enough and why I always feel lonely and I think there is nobody else in life, for God sake. This what happened to me weh I put hundreds percent to my fwens, foe me fwens is everything and theres like an people who close to me but where are they when I need them?? Ahh … its true when people said they are lots of fwens but when it comes of raining day, nobody will give u an umbrella. I totally agree with that…I dun know what happened to me when I always feel sad when thinking about this to entire of my life. I 20 now and I always think about my future and my life, what will happened to me in the 30 years later, what I will lie on what place and I’m thinking if I married one day?? I’m so afraid...will I become a good father enough? Will I become a good father to my childrens? To my wife? And is it I’m able to effort them?

Whose will attract to me?no one…believe me…I just like an place where the people come just t have a fun and after that they will go with their memories and dumb me with all the memorable memory. I really missed my childhood and I wish it would be better when I’m dying to love somebody when finally she crushed my hearts.

Look at me, fatty and hideous creatures in the world and God, please…I did not mean to say something bad about you but this is what I’m thinking of me…Ya Allah…ak bersyukur atas setiap titis kurnianmu

Why I think when I have a problems, nobody can feel what I feel, nobody can share what they have with me and i’m just alone. I’m not the type that very desperate that take the any people and tell them about your story….

Ahhhh, through this blog, I really feel release……

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