Tuesday, June 30, 2009


3 hari lepas ak mencipta rekod baru, mendrivekan diri ke kolompor….ahaaaa….ketar lutut aku sampi hari ini duk ase ag ko taw….Ya Allah bapak la ngerinye…..that trip was tired but I really enjoyed it and I wont forget about it until the end of my life. The main purpose of this actually wants to send along register at UTM KL in land property diplomas. ahh, I just cant believe it he is older now and move in another environment…and it shows that I’m getting older and older..and later on I will moving on in to the other environment too.
During the trip from Jertih to KL, it was very long journey when we take Gua Musang as the medium to make us reach at the center of Malaysia. From 4.3pm we travel and around 2.00am we reached at Sentul. It take very long times but I enjoyed when Along n Ilham together with me in the car and we actually have fun memory in the car while I’m driving. It was very fun when all of us smell durian after take it before start to travel and what to make it worse, in the car….hu3…Along is very good palls when he never sleep to accompany me while I’m driving for whole day and I think he like to be with me rather than their parents or family if he wants to talk something and I really afraid if he changed after he went to KL, people’s change..
On Saturday all of us decide to go shopping at town and we have decided to leave the car at LRT station. After we have the shop, my sister n me and also wif ilham n haykal want to go to Sg Besi to have a visit Abg Rie’s house. Meanwhile in LRT to Sg Besi, Haykal with his accents’ and body language already make the others passengers laugh with Haykal attitude and it also make me laugh too….kids……when we arrived there, the unforgettable moment that I will remembered is when I falls down near the lake there and it make my ankle hurts until I can’t walk in the next morning…..arggghhh. At night when already finished the dinners, Abg Rie sent me back at LRT stations and again I will remembered it until forever when I take a wrong station to stop..it looks like near but when I walk to the past station, it’s very far…my ankle…isk3
The major day has come and Along now is the student of UTM ..lets your success infected me too..YM Raja Mohd Nurfarizal Raja Abd Rahman, long live you and best of luck to you

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seronok jalan.
aku bagi tag ko tak wat pon kan.
sampai ati.