Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life (New Part)

Frankly, sangat awkward bila buka my blog for ages I didn't update anything, inform anything, but literally, I really miss you my Mr.Bloggie

hence, as the time flies, many things just happened in my love, laugh,tears,happiness, and etc that I as a myself can't fully explain what just happened to me, indeed!.

Somehow, I think, I know my Mr Bloggie was the right place to show up everything, but not almost every single inch of my kain part, miahahhah

Dear my new life, I just realise that this new life has give me 1001 impact of the friendship, of the happiness, of the tears, of everything that I can't explain. Like been said from me since years ago, "Life is Drama" and yet, it totally happened.

p/s : miss my niece n nephew so damm much, and of course my family as well,

~Aina and Afiq~

~Amni Qhaleesya~

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