Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Things You Never Said to Me


Too much mess around and yes that make the world goes around,
But deeply, somehow it mess me a little longer till I'm forget how to get it out,

Does you guys ever heard "Truth always been the best policy?"
Yes it was till I make it as denial when too much barriers comes.

Yet,what should I do instead?
Keep in my heart and shooting for the stars?
OR just talking to the moon like what Bruno Mars said.

Half of the Malaysian or more keep on eye about the Lahad Datu issues now I believed,
But these mess make me and believe its just nothing when all they need just support and our pray and does it seems how selfish am I?

Truth had been spoke, none of the white turn into black now
For me its too much till it make us apart.

God/Lord/Allah not a sillly or even tedious to give to their humans this kind of feelings and mixs hearts.

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