Monday, December 19, 2011


it never ends how hard your heart was,
it never come to the end even your ego was a high ranked of it,

why in this world still existence in the real world?
i know, you are awwsome, awwsome for nothing
you are awwsome till you think all ur surroundings will think exactly like you are,

why you always put a story behind a timeline?
why you didn't put ur music in the song?

I'm a human, same goes to you,
full of emotions but then can't you stop it at least for a day?
but then, can you think at least a secs about my feelings and my situations?
will you?

i think we are fair enough, you talk the shit thing behind me,and dont pretend i did not do the same too.
fair it right?

all i want is, just hoping Allah will shows you the right ways darls, the right path...

#kalau ak ni nk citer buruk pasal ko, byk ag ak leh wat, just simply like that!!...think it twice!

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