Saturday, October 22, 2011

put a blame on me

what do you feel when someone that you trust enough pretending like knowing you just for one day?totally like just meet you couples of hours before?
what do you feel when someone is playing your hearts like a knife at your back?was you?
what do you think when a simple problem become a major part in your problema?
what do you think IF you the one who always put your ego at your ass and fright it away like a shit?
what do you feel when somebody is thinking you is the heartless?
what doe you feel when your hearts like been killed by the drugs that killed you at the scene?

do you ever put your shoes in my place?
do you?
do you ever put your fucking frolicking ass in my butt?
have you?

yupp, I'm the one who always making any bad things to you right?
I'm the one who should feel nothing even the knife was directed straightly to my heart?
and I'm the one who also put your dignity in a bad fucking thing.
yes, I'm the one.
I'm the one

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