Saturday, October 17, 2009

Computer's Life Care

Hello, we meet again on my anak kampung’s blog…

Today I will talk about our computer’s life care, same with the human when every single human and person need a treatment in their life, so than the computers. The computers need a really particular care and maybe some “love” from the owner when the computers can be defined as the human best friend after the animal or pet.

Our computer are easily expose to the virus when it will damages and attack our computers system, when it happen, maybe it will damage your computer and might be cause a lot of problems that will be seriously will scarifies your money to fix it back, believe me. For me, I use the one and only antivirus that I totally believe which is “AVIRA ANTI VIRUS”. I have been use this software for the last two years and until now I still believe of it’s strength to vanish the entire virus even not hundreds percent of it.

Avira GmbH periodically "cleans out" the virus definition files, by replacing specific signatures with generic ones, which result in a general increase in performance and scanning speed. The last database clean-out was made on October 27, 2008, which caused problems to AntiVir Personal users when updating because of its large size (15 MB) and because of AntiVir Personal's slow servers. For that reason Avira GmbH added an additional 6 GB of bandwidth to the AntiVir Personal Servers.

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