Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Corat coret tentang bigdin la dolce kembali,

2 3 hari ni totally memang bosan duk kat umah like an idiot but I love to…
Many thing want to share here but don’t know either it come out or not…
Ermmm, I started with my tension wif my sister, arggghhhh
I don’t know what happen to her when she react such like people dat I really dun know at all,
She never been like this before and never be apart of it. I really sick of her until I dun know what to do and finally I cried….hu3…sound silly and embarrassing but do I care????
I cried with satisfactory and finally I release and what can be worse is yesterday I have been attacked with my migraine until I can stand at all until I just sleep all the day off. Sound tired but really I don’t have any energy even though to take a water of to pray. What a disaster when all of this happening to me. Do I think too much? Do I busy to take care of anyone else until it damages my health? Do i?? or do I to be like “Tok Nebeng” who really don’t care about anyone else felling? Life is very sucks beb I told you. It’s very hard to become a person that been called Bigdin and I really look at the certain problems very seriously taken. I also wonder how can I get the Migraine?????

Next is my nightmare that really disturbed me when I have been force by college to take subject additional mathematics in my old school in order for me to have the diploma….argggg shit man…in that dreams I see many my fwens from the past existed again and its like just a compulsory for us to take it to get diploma or degree…for the God Sake, I like to cry when I need to see the scary CIKGU ZAIPAH with the long jubah and tudung in the classroom without any books in her hand entering a class and on the spot going to blackboard and give us a copy of formula…OMG, it’s is b=very scary movie…hahahha

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Zahratulhayat mat arif said...

i don't knOw that yOu have migrain..
since when, din?

think positive in what obstacles comes see yOu,yaa...
mayb ur sister upset Or tensiOn with sOmething but she nOt tell yOu..

hey, neway..
miss yOu;)