Saturday, May 16, 2009

Zaman Sekolahhhhh

Pernah tak sometime ko ase bile dah meningkat dewase ni, banyak mende yg x kene berlaku kat diri kite.

Life is totally drama and I strongly agree with dat. Sekarang ak rindu giler zaman-zaman dahulu, zaman sekolah menengah lah yang paling best. Memang la first2 kat sekolah ase lambatye nak abes belaja kan tapi bile ak dah dkat tertiary level, baru aka se zaman sekolah lah paling best…

I really regret it when I’m not using it with wisely. White uniform with bags and text book in the hands and with the bike going to school with the others few fwens konvoi to school. Really miss dat moment. Talking about secondary school, I really remembered my experience in secondary school when when I form 2, I joined choral speaking competition and suddenly I rap on it…hu3…sounds funny but I’m won first place in that competition. Another incident is when I have some arguments with my Ustaz…hu3….

It was happen when he took my songs book and I refuse to want it back and from that, we not longer close like before, and when I’m thinking back, I really embarrassed with that moments, owh shittt….


After my PMR, I had choose Science Stream and definitely it destroys my life when almost dying in Additional Mathematics, owh gosh…I still remembered when I have been punished by the Cikgu Zaipah about 1000 correction and need to be submit to her early in the morning in the staff room. From that, I know how to solve the modern maths problems…hu3

Thanks cikgu zaipah!!!!

Next is my second disaster class in biology class and her face and attitude similar like Miss Naimah (KPMIM). God….i think they are twins but both of them not origins from the same place, one of them from Perak and another from Kedah…but I think my teacher better than Miss Naimah.

When we think it back, I really miss dat moment and if I could change the world, I will canhge everything and fixed it to be on the right track!


Miss M said...

true :)
tapi kan, i think sumday u'll realize that there's a reason for every single good and bad things that happened to you ;)

Anak Kampung said...

i guest soo