Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Air Con @ KL PaC"

18th April 2009

This is very interesting day for me, in my life ever n ever. On dat day, I have been exposed by the new environment, new places, new people and a new experience. Thanks to Sayba becos inviting me to attend a theatre or drama in KL Pac. Thank God, with her efforts and invite, finally I know what is the new world outside there especially in Kuala Lumpur, big city that I never explore before.

At 8.15, we depart to Kuala Lumpur with our beloved bus,TATA..huhuh…it’s very comfortable with the seats and also the engines itself. For about 8 hours in bus go n back, my pinggang almost broke down la…ayoyo…can you imagine how the blue box in KL city????

But it is ok…we are here for free….so the bus also for free…isn’t it?

Back to my story, finally I reached at KL Pac when b4 this I juz haerd it from radio, tv and newspaper but now I’m there…ohhh….Thank God. The drama that we were watched is “Air Con”. If I not mistaken, I have been watch this advertisement be4 in a newspaper about it and I did not expects that this drama that I will watched…huhuhu

All of it juz like a fated that had stated by GOD to me…finally, it really gives me a great impact to me when it actually it changed my perception towards to the Kuala Lumpur city and their people itself. B4 this, I think KL is the worst thing in Malaysia and I think it is not very good for me to stay or further my education there.

The drama is very good and really attracting me when I watch it. It doesn’t have any barriers and cut session when all of the drama and dialogue 100% sent to the audience. I love it very much..i can see many talented people there, with open minded thinking, mencarut and what so ever and I like it…

That the real world of the teenagers actually. The drama is really interesting, funny and lastly quite sad when a fwens willing to do anything to his fwens until kiliing in order to avoid him from become more wild with the blowjob with the pondan. Both of them actually are wrong in handling the problems but so far, I think it really good enough..

Some others people said this drama is really messy with the religioun elements, family matters and school problems…


yaziith su anaz said...

let me be the fisrt to comment!

dat trip was sooooooo FUNFUNFUN!!

we'll go there next time ya.


BiG D said...

for sure we will gi there again